Scared of dating a woman am I brainwashed by media?

So I read this article on Oprah site (go figure) lol. And it talked about why women are leaving men and dating women. Linsey Lohan is one and there are many others. I'm scared if I date a girl she will leave me for a woman. Am I nuts?


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  • Sexuality has little to nothing to do with the propensity for a man to date a woman, rather, it has to do with biological and psychological factors.

    If you're too scared to date a girl, then I doubt you'll be in a position of losing one. If you want to be in a position to woo a girl, then remember that fortune shines on he who dares. Pony up and ask a girl out, don't shy away because she might reject you. Rejection happens, shake it off and move on.

    Also, stop looking to pop-culture and media for your examples on healthy relationships. The Hollywood elite make up a small microcosm of .05% of the population; there are better ways to learn about life.


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  • Yup

  • Yes, you are. Lol no, not to be mean. While many people choose to date members of their own gender, those who choose to date heterosexually tend to stay that way. For the most part at least. However, you being paranoid about it won't help. Don't be afraid :)


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