Girls how would you react if your female friend asked you to kiss her so she can learn from it?

because she's a kissing virgin but wants to make out with guys. and learning from you would make her less nervous around guys.

what if it's a classmate you get along great with but she's not like your best friend. and she's pretty and you expexted her to have kissed quite some guys before?


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  • OMG that's what my friend said to me and I did it and we have been doing it since not on a regualr bases but when we have the need ... its whatever .. not a big deal depends on you ...


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  • I want to say yes but I don't know, just seems a bit odd and kissing someone I'm not with is a bit off

  • Hell yeah!


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  • why not? I'm bi and all my gfs know it, so a few of them asked me to do it. its no big deal. I had one girlfriend who like it, and we ended up dating

  • She can't learn much from me. But I've done that with a girl before and I would do it again.

    • ok cool! you wouldn't think she's bi?

      and if it's a classmate and you get along great but you're not like best friends, is it still ok?

      i know she's done threesome's before so she's probably open to a lot.

    • I wouldn't think she's bi.

      But if she was my classmate and I dodnt know her very well, I don't know if I would do it.

    • i'm pretty sure she would. she's done threesome with complete strangers...

  • I'd look at her like... O.o ?!?!?! Noooo way. She can go find some guy to practice with.

    • haha that sucks

    • I would assume her a lesbian and, although I don't have an issue with people who choose to date their own gender, I'm not one of them. I want nothing to do with that.