If a girl uses terms of endearment with a guy a little too much, what does it mean?

So this girl was a little difficult for me to talk to at first but we got to know each other and now she is more relaxed. At first, I noticed how she would use everybody's name but mine while in a conversation with them. We would just talk and that was that. After a while, she started using it which made me feel I was making some progress and also she started throwing things like "dear" while talking to me, but it was once in a while.

However, now she calls terms like "dear" or "darling" a lot during the day but I have never heard them use them on anybody else (and I know some of her friends) so mu question is, why is she doing this? I know that once or twice could be nothing but now she uses them everyday, am I over thinking this? Or is there a reason behind it?


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  • I have a guy friend whom I know is interested in me who constantly calls me things like "sweetheart" and "cutie" and stuff like that. I hate it. But my personal dislike aside, I know he doesn't do it with anyone else, so it was a clue that he likes me. A pretty big one at that. I mean I don't get two texts from him without one of them using some term of endearment.

    If you're hearing them all the time and only to you, she really may like you. However, if she says them to other people, that may just be the way she talks.

    • Yeah, I've only noticed them with me. She says calls me that in front of people too, so if she used them all the time with everybody, I think I would've heard it.


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  • It means she's extremely comfortable with you and most likely likes you.

  • As you said they are terms of endearment. She obviously likes you possiblely more considering how often. If you really like her than ask her out. If you don't start pushing yourself away so she doesn't get the wrong idea.


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