If a girl smiles "at you" when you aren't looking?

This girl is just impossible to figure out. We obviously have chemistry and have fun talking but a lot of times, she acts like I'm irritating her but I've caught her many times be all serious when I talk to her or tell her a joke or something and then when I look or walk away after making a fool of myself, she'll look at me and have this big smile on her face. Other times we'll run into each other, make small talk and I'll make a comment or a joke and smile at her and she'll turn and walk away but I can see her she is SMILING THIS BIG, why is this? She smiles at me "regularly" but when she smiles the biggest its when I'm not looking. She smiles at other people with no problems but not at me, why?


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  • She's shy and nervous probably. I have troubles smiling at people usually smile and then look past a peson while smiling cause eye contact is too intense for me sometimes. Just talk to her and be friendly, give her time to ccome out of her shell.


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  • This looks very hard to figure out, I guess she is teasing you, but until you don't ask her out, or start being less "joky" and be more serious, she won't stop acting like that.

    • Well, I don't know. She has told me many times she thinks I'm not funny and its not like I try too hard, that's just how I am, but she won't humor me, ever, she is always serious when I talk to her, or at least tries to act serious because I've caught her smiling, so I don't know what is going on. With everybody else she laughs even when they blow their nose.