What do you do that makes your partner know you care?

Is there anything in particular you do to show how much your partner means to you?


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  • Constantly tell her how beautiful she is inside and out, and let her know she's the only girl I think about. Do small things like giving her hugs and trying to make her laugh when she's not feeling well. Snuggle up close to her especially if she's scared. Being there for her whenever she needs me no matter how inconvenient. Trying to cook for her even though I'm lousy at it lol.


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  • I would give another answer but it seems @joystickhappy has got it all bang on, I say give him best answer =)

  • i answer the question for her in the class when she is cutting school though she doesnot know I love her and that I do that for her ...


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  • Well, back when I DID have a boyfriend I would just call him everyday to check up on him and ask him how his day was and everything. We'd say good night to each other and sweet dreams and all that good stuff. Then when morning came, we checked up on each other too, just to say hi.

    It became a bit distracting and annoying though...maybe because I wasn't as into the guy as I thought... so yeah.

    It happens... and I guess it was not a good thing that I lead him on like that. I was just a desperate woman maybe ...at the time. I don't know.

  • Well my mom works 3 jobs so to help her out I help my older brother with his meals he has autisum clean the house I also bought my mom a car 4 mothers day this year