Why did he really ask this?

I meant this boy at this party after a couple of days my friend told him I wanted him to hit me up. So he did we flirted and he calls me cute names and I do the same back. Than one day he found our I liked him we still flirted but even harder than before (this is. In a few days of talking) so we kept talking and he seemed interested and he was going to come and hang with me and my friend but couldn't a ride. That same night he asked if I was a virgin I told the truth that I was and asked what made him asked and he said he was thinking about it but didn't ask. He is real nice but something says to be careful. The question did bother me, but why do you think he really asked this.

I mean didn't bother


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  • Plenty of reasons. He may be a virgin as well. You should have asked. He may consider that sex before marriage is a no, no. Then on the other hand, he may be just wanting some good hard long sex. The only way you will find out is by asking him as anyone on this site has no more of an idea than you do. Why do you younger people not want to communicate with the ones you should be communicating with?. Asking him these questions is a part of starting a relationship, otherwise you know nothing about each other. Make sure that when you ask him, that your attraction to him does not blur what you are hearing and watch the way he answers the questions and if you think he is lieing .then tell him that you are not sure whether you believe him and it could affect what happens between you two. At least you are then being truthful and expecting nothing more than the truth from him, which is the way it should be.


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  • He asked to determine if you were easy or not. Don't be surprised if his attempts double or dwindle at this point. It depends on his philosophy on female virginity.

  • Use a condom and have fun.


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