Differences in dating between Europe and the USA?

a friend of mine lived in the u.s. for a while (we are Europeans) and she told me things which are totally different in Europe

dating rules like: if the guy pays on a first date then it is official,

you sleep with each other at the 3rd or 5th date (she was at college so this is college life), etc so I think in general in the states people are more about sex in college than the Europeans (she told me thing she did there about which I am sure she wouldn't have done here at college) and I don't think there are any "dating rules" at least in my country and I think men are more gentlemen here...

what do you think about this? any experiences?


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  • -Guys almost always pay on the first date here. It doesn't make the relationship official. It is just expected.

    -You don't have to sleep with each other on the 3rd or 5th date (maybe that's just me lol) You can wait if you want or you can put out one the first date, and a lot of girls don't even need a date for that. That's just something that is up to both of the individuals in that relationship.

    -People do seem to be all about sex in college here, though. I think you would be hard pressed to find a girl that hasn't had a dozen partners by the time they left.


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  • Yes, women in the US in general rae pretty much for sale, in college as elsewhere. I've lived in Europe where women generally have to like you a lot before they'll sleep with you, and are't impressed by your spending money on them..yes, people in Europe were shocked at how the US women would behave!

    • haha yes I was shocked too when my friend told me what she did^^

    • I like China much better! I'm there teaching English now.

  • I would say ye European women tend to be classier and not as easy, well unless you are in the UK. OMG women here are super slags. For real I think a survey showed on average a university student man or woman will have slept with 4-5 diffrent people by the time they graduate. Not a huge number but do consider that is the average for ALL students (I think they surveyed around 5k students).

  • I always thought women in Europe were more relaxed about dating, like they didn't care about casual sex and that if they like the guy they will come to them and they didn't care about any dating rules. I heard that in general European women are much more liberal than American women.

  • Americans are trashy. My home country is way better. Germany!

    • A little harsh there don't you think?

    • after over 20 years of experience, not at all it's a very fair assessment of American Women. They are rated among the rudest people in the world.

  • If a guy pays for a first date 'it isn't official' unless the guy is a sucker. I wouldn't pay for sh*t unless she was sleeping in my bed lol.

    There really aren't 'rules' just common sense of things to avoid.

    I was raised in Germany, I'll say one thing, America is different in many ways,more so than just one field. People are different. Giving respect doesn't entitle you to it. You're more likely to be treated like a piece of meat in the USA than you are to be in a Country that is more cultured,and based on honor and other virtues. The USA is found wanting in that regard.

  • these are very WIDE generalizations. there's no rules posted that say any of this has to be this way.


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  • Pheww thank goodness I'm not a trashy American -_- no but its everywhere people not even dating going straight to sex but it happens a lot more here in the US. It isn't everyone, like me but whatever I guess. I just need myself a gentleman! lol

  • Well, I don't like the US. It's all full of bullsh*t.

    Everything's complicated in various ways, even in college (just as you mentioned)

    It's completely different than in Europe.

    In Europe, people are more relaxed in dating and I don't think that they're into sex and stuff,they wouldn't actually care if you'd spend all your money on them as long as they love you.

    Unlike the US, they care for these stuff.

    In the US. It's a complete disaster, I didn't know they had dating rules, sounds more of a win to lose (beneficial) than win to win, as in love and be loved in return. I think Europeans take it more serious than others, you have to like the person so much then start thinking of sex. I personally think It's better than other cultures.

    but the US, I think how people behave is some sort of asking to be laid!

    so yeah, mainly looking for sex. well not really ... they might be into that person, but not as you (Europeans) are.

    They might be somehow interested in someone, but not all that INTERESTED, BOOF, the next day the've had sex and they weren't deeply in love ,.