I need a witty reply for an email?

I usually receive emails from my crush asking me what I've been up to lately.

I often wonder if he's just making conversation and usually don't answer.

But I would like to answer with some with this time. Any suggestions?


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  • If you like this person and want to explain why you've been ducking them, say you've been deep sea diving for the remains of the Titanic, but now that the centennial is over you're free to hang out.

    But if he's been emailing you, he's got some interest. Email is private, so it's not like he's hounding for attention by posting stuff on FB or whatever.


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  • Reading your mail. / Writing you a reply.

    Asking what somebody is doing and replying is an important part of flirting. It is a process of noticing the common everyday things that happen in life. I think it helps to create closeness between partners. Talking about the trivial matter is what brings people together.

    You can just answer seriously and see what it leads to.


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  • i always say my life is sunshine,lollipops and rainbows ,everything that is wonderful, that's how I feel when we are together...come on everybody!