How to get him to contact me again?

There's this guy that I see a couple times a week at work (he works for the same company but different location) anyway I have always totally liked him, and a couple months ago we swapped numbers. Things were good, we were texting a lot & he asked me out. People at work found out and a lot of gossip went around which I found really hard as I am an extremely private person I freaked out and I ended up asking him not to contact me outside of work. So we never went out. I've seen him since and can tell he totally likes me still, but I haven't heard from him since I asked for no contact. I know it was a stupid thing to do I just stupidly freaked out. I totally want to be in touch again but don't know what to do without seeming crazy or weird. Help!


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  • Get in touch and ask him why he hasn't got in touch lately and that you enjoyed the chats you had with him, then let him give you his excuse and work on a resolve, and if its the comment you made, explain that you only said that so the rumours wou stop and your conversations would remain private, but also explain you didn't mean to make him feel as if he should stop,x

  • Ok it's a totally innocent situation, text him I'm sorry then something like I freeked out and made a mistake I did'nt want us tlo stop talking I just like my private life private and I really hate it when people at work stick their noses in it.. but be mindful because he does work for the same company so you are mixing personal and work together and gossip never dies.


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