He refers to you as his girlfriend then disappears... what would you recommend?

In a nutshell; he's pursued me for 2 years, I finally say yes, 2 months ago and after a great day together I go home, incessant texting from him follows then he pulls back. after leaving him alone for 3 weeks, we're back on. We have 2 glorious weeks together, the last time I saw him he referred to me as his girlfriend, we put dates in the diary for this weekend coming to go away. we even made a date to see each other again. Then he cancels the date, and I hear nothing. So I text 10 days ago and had a very quick response, that evening I broke up a fight and got a black eye for my trouble so posted on Facebook to which he responded v quickly again but no suggestion of meeting up. I left it till Thursday just gone, phoned left message just 'seeing if he's about this weekend' and got back; 'crazy week and away weekend, I'll give you a call next week'. He was indeed away as he posted on Facebook.

What I'd like to know is; do I wait for call, wait a little then text to find out what's going on (if so what to say?) or cut and run?

Hoping you can help guys.



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  • I could understand him not talking once, I did that to an ex and a lot of my friends to see if they would send me a message first, or call me, or something just to check on me to see how I was doing. But to keep doing it is really fishy to me. If I were you, I would want an explanation for his actions before continuing to date him.


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  • You have been doing your part by reaching out to him. You can't force anyone to spend time with you. If he really wanted to spend time with you, he would make it happen. Always keep this in mind, if it doesn't flow, let it go...

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  • If you want to know what's going on- ask him. Don't sit around waiting for an explanation. Tell him you're happy you finally got together but you're wondering why you haven't heard from him as often as you'd like.

    Seriously, though, any time he hasn't texted or called or something but you want to hear from him- just call or text yourself. He likely could be legitimately just really busy.