What does this kiss mean ?

I and a couple of friends were playing truth or dare my friend dare this guy to kiss me on the lips. Now I can't get him or the kiss out of my head. What does this mean. Was it just a kiss or something more


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  • This site doesn't cease to surprise me, day after day. I don't mean to be disrespectful or mean, but how on Earth does an over 45 years old person ask such a question? I think you have been alive enough to differentiate between a game kiss & a kiss with other intentions.

    Anyway, I suggest you stop thinking about it. More importantly, don't ever mention this to him, or to any friend of his. It will just make you sound desperate, to say the least.

    PLEASE don't be offended by my reply, but I see myself expecting more from people above a certain age. I am judgmental that way.

    Good luck. :)


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  • Seems like you felt some kind of connection with him. This is usually a pretty complicated thing to figure out, but if you are over 45, then I assume that you have had experiences like this. I say... let this go for now. When you see him, and your friends next time, try to find out how you feel towards the guy. And try to see if he looks at you in an interesting, or different way.


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  • It was a dare but you enjoyed it and think more of it then just a dare

  • To him it was probably just a dare and he did it, or he could of been happy that he didn't it. It seems like it ment that much more to you then him..if he's not taken and you're not either I say aprpoach him.