GUYS: will you always text a girl first is you like her? or will you only text first if you have a reason?

Guys: If you like a girl and are really into her, will you for sure text her just to say "hi" or "what's up?"? Or will want to text first and wait til she texts you\only text when you have a good reason? I've heard some guys say this will always initiate contact just to see what's up if they like a girl, yet I know other, my older brother for instance who only texts the girls he likes when he has a good reason\excuse. This guy friend of mine hardly ever texts first, only if he has a reason, such as apologizing for not making it to my play and wishin me luck, asking how my play went or texting me before he put up a cover song he did on Facebook, asking if I had a fb and asking me to go check it out...when I do text him though, he texts back really quick and (under 2 min most of the time) and we'll talk awhile (even if he's busy with something else). He uses smilies\emotions in almost every text-even when I don't use them back...Sometimes though at random times he will just stop texting, like when I say something like "haha true" or things like that...What do you guys think? Does he like me?


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  • Sounds like he does , I sort of do the same thing but I do it because I don't know what to say or were to go from a conversation, do you talk to each other then texting?

    • not really...we haven't seen each other since late January because we're homeschooled and our group stopped meeting then..but when we see each other yes we do talk for awhile...he has tried to call me twice tho, and I didn't answer-which I feel kinda dumb about haha

    • In most situations verbal communication is best so I suggest talking more instead of texting and when you do text try to keep it to a minimum keep him wanting more , you sort of lose romance or mystery when you text through out the day.

    • Im going to take your advice : )


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  • I'll try as hard as I could to come up with an excuse but I won't just randomly text her


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  • Sounds like he does. I am fairly certain this guy likes me... but his texting throws me off. We used to text a lot more often. I would say I initiated most convos, but he always replied and replied quickly with witty/flirty responses.

    To be honest, I think my guy is not a texter and that's why he doesn't text a lot BUT I truly think he likes me based on our in person interactions. And in person interactions are more important than texting!

    Don't worry about the texting. I think he likes you