Is she into me?

Okay, here's the situation, there's this girl at work, we've been friends for months but not outside work until recently. We talk all the time in work (she also flirts with me), we also text each other outside as well. problem is she has a boyfriend of about 3 months, I know him quite well but don't hang out with him or anything. she seems to really like him(she always says how much fun they're having) but every time they go out she asks me to come along (they only ever sit at the bar and chat to other girls), I often refuse as I know he doesn't like me, and I feel uncomfortable. I like this girl a lot and it seems like she likes me too, I want to be with her but don't know how to tell her.

My question is this

a) does she like me?

b) how should I deal with the situation? (losing her as a friend is not an option)


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  • a. She may like you or she may not. It doesn't really matter though because she has a boyfriend and taken girls are off limits. If she becomes single you can ask her out or something but for now, if you want to be her friend, be her friend but don't try to pull any moves on her.

    b. Hang out with her as friends but do not let your feelings for her get the best of you. Don't try to hit on her. Just be her friend. If she tries to pull moves on you, she probably likes you but you have to let her know that you will not be with her unless she is single/ dumps her current boyfriend. You can hang out with her alone but you just have to control yourself.Do not tell her how you feel until she and her boyfriend break up. It will make you seem like a more respectable person because you won't risk being "the other guy" and stressing both her and you out.


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  • Ok.. this is a hard one, but I'll try to help you out a little. You said that the girl really like her boyfriend right? who starts the conversation over the txt you or she does?

    if its her that she might be interested in you a little.. but if you do and she replyes then she just want to have just a close guy friend, she migh like you as friend, that's why she's always inviting you to go hang out with her and her BF.

    I think you should not get you hopes up...

  • I don't think she likes you that much. If she is asking you out with her man around I would say she prob thinks of you as her cute little homie and she feels like a pimp because she has you and her man at her side.

    The Boyfriend knows you have the hots for her therefore I'm sure she knows too.

    I would leave it alone. I think she just likes the attention of 2 men and knowing the fact that 2 dudes are at her side gets her excited.


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  • I think she does like you but may be slightly confused which is why she asks you to come along. Does look like you may have a chance in the future tho but girls are wierd, a lot wierder than us and she could just see you as a really close friend unless she has a girl friend that she asks to come too. I think you should go with the flow for a little bit and see how it goes especially since losing her is not an option, you don't want to move on anything too fast or you might just lose her