Need advice. What would you do if you were me?

So there's this guy, we've been friends for a few months and the other day I texted him and I told him that I kinda like him. Well he texted back and said that he kinda "likes me alittle" and that I'm cute and there "could be something there" but he seemed really unemotional and after asking when we would hang out, he stopped texting back and hasn't texted me since. We only see each other at work but we act like normal with no awkwardness.

But his friend who is also my friend asked me out on a date.

Should I tell him yes and go on a date with him since the guy I like seems kinda uninterested? Or should I say no? I mean, I'm not completely against going out with him because I only "kinda" like my crush.

We all work together so I don't know how awkward that would make it between the three of us.

I really need some advice. What would you do?


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  • Hi there, I am a bit older and been where you are so I am going to give you some advice that you will most likely ignore but you will remember me later for saying when this occurs again lol. Never expose yourself to a man first regarding your feelings of liking him. If a man likes you he will pursue you. The reason I say this is because some men though they don't like you will change their mind about you just because you volunteered the information and you could allow yourself to be put in a position to be taken advantage of. Just a dating tip but I know you won't listen to it because people say it is old fashioned but if you are looking for a relationship then you want someone that pursues you. My other advice is that dating two friends is a no no. Not unless you do not want either of them to have any serious interest in you. In case you haven't thought abut it, they will talk to each other. Second, never date someone just because something else fell through as you never know what the future may hold. Lets say the guy that you like in a few months after hanging around each other more likes you and you already dated his friend. Men have a bro code on dating the same woman and if they don't then neither of them take the woman seriously. Third, you should never date anyone you work with. Think ahead. What if things go wrong. Do you want your coworkers possibly involved in your love life. So in short nothing about this situation seems OK. to me. Call me old fashioned but there are certain unsaid rules for a reason. The more women ignore them the more you will get hurt. So I don't tell women not to break the rules I just say when you get hurt don't question why. There are always exceptions but even the exceptions will tell you the struggles that came with it or the things they had to go through to make it work. Hope this helps. God Bless.

    • Totally agree with the taken advantage of thing if you let a man know you like him. :P


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  • if you date his friend you deserve to be alone. date the guy your interested in and only him, going on a date with the other dude would show the guy you like that your into playing games and one thing about real men is we hate when women play games...except mario kart...then it's sexy

    • Yeah, the whole reason that I haven't gone on the date is because I'm not into playing games either, but I also don't want to regret not going on date if the guy I like isn't actually interested, ya know? It's hard to tell with this guy.

    • heres a crazy thought...ask him out.

  • The guy you kinda like is interested he just is too shy to go out and say it and ask you out on a date. You should force the guy you like's hand "So when are you gonna ask me out on a date?" Boom. Done.

  • Tell him, "No". You don't really like him so it'd be pointless. And forget your crush.


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  • Go out on that date! You and the other guy aren't dating and if he sounds unemotional than that's your excuse to get to know the other guy. And maybe spark a relationship with him. If that guy isn't interested in you or defensive over you, show him he's not the only one in your life and that you can get any guy you like.