Did I really do something wrong here?

I was seeing a guy for a couple months, everything was good but something happened to where I just lost feelings and I couldn't see my self with him. I was honest and told him I couldn't see him anymore. He started confessing how much he missed me and even went as far to tell me he loved me. He was a great guy and did everything for me, I just didn't have those feelings for him. I've been trying to be really nice about the whole thing and its been 2 weeks and he still won't let it go. Maybe I was being too nice by still talking to him and he says I lead him on into thinking we still had a chance. I never said we did, I just didn't want to hurt him so I did sugar coat it. Well he found out I kissed a guy, a guy that he has been jealous about since we started seeing each other. Me and the guy I kissed I only talked to at work. Now the guy I was seeing is very mad that I kissed the other guy, but we Haven't been dating for 2 weeks now and he says I should have thought about his feelings and not have done it, I don't know what I was supposed to do, I feel bad but I don't think I did anyhting wrong, and the guy I kissed had no idea or care in the world that me and the other guy even dated ( we all work together ). Am I wrong?


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What Guys Said 1

  • What kind of man says "you hurt my feelings"? I just can't picture a guy seriously saying that. I think he's just trying to guilt trip you. Tell him to grow a pair.

    • Dont fall into his trap. If you're just not into him there's no way that relationship could ever work and any steps backwards will only prolong the pain of it all. Just keep moving in the same direction. He will eventually find someone else, get over it and move on.

What Girls Said 1

  • You told him how you felt, perhaps you should have just broken off contact with him. He is pulling a guilt trip. Break off contact and move on.