Is dating abroad prohibited by law?

I was talking with a female friend about this and once I mentioned the words dating abroad or a girl of a different Ethnique group she went defensive and started calling me "sexist" and totally disapproving any further attempt for me to justify it being acceptable.

Is dating abroad like prohibited by law or something that even talking about it seems like your about to kill someone?


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  • I highly doubt it's taboo anywhere, so long as religion forbidding the relationship doesn't enter into it. I suspect she was thinking "different ethnique group" meaning someone from an entirely differently based society as well, one probably more strict in their scrutinizing of females' actions. That would explain the sexist bit, if she thought you were dating this girl because she was subservient.

    • I'm looking to a date a woman not a slave lol, funny how she might have miss interpret what I meant.

    • I can't be sure that's how she thought, but I agree that's a hard conclusion to jump to.


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  • Maybe she thought you said dating "a broad". That's offensive.

    • guess it would make sense if she thought I was going to go against the law and date a prostitute.

  • Don't be ridiculous.