Guys did I seem needy or desperate?

I meet this guy like 3 months ago at a new place I started working at! He SEEMED like a cool nice person we would talk at work to make time go by and we even became friends on fb! Now that I don't work there anymore I decided to message him on fb and basically told him he was cool/nice and I would like to keep in touch to possible hang out and if we could exchange numbers...I did this like 3 days ago and have not gotten a response yet! I'm surprised! Guys was I sounding desperate? Should I have just left it alone and not messaged him?


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  • No seems like a fair comment to make.


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  • No you didn't seem needy or desperate at all. You expressed your interest. He could have not seen your message, he could just not be interested in you as well. There's nothing wrong with showing interest and reaching out. Don't worry about it too much, if he wants to contact you, he will, and if he doesn't, oh well, on to the next one, right! =)

    • Thank you! I totally agree!