I'm a guy and all I meet is creepy men - are females in the same boat?

Attempted kidnappings... Drive by shootings.. Mentally ill, ex felons or addicts what ever you are it's there and no man wants to admit it why? Are you having the same problem? And yes allot of women want their men to be creepy...


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  • Nope, for some odd reason most of my boyfriends are musicians lol I guess they can tell I love music or something... It is wicked awesome though. Also all of my friends are artist so I guess that could have something to do with it.

    Maybe you are hanging around to many "creeps" :p birds of a feather usually do flock together

    • No birds of the do flock together but if you look at the newspaper, cnn, bbc and even on drudge report! Normal humans are being attacked from every moment to once a month. Look at your news before being a female who ays rape is normal because you say so and try to make your next move on your best female freind man.

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    • Ow and you you think creepy men are ok? insecurities What the... Look miss angry you know me. Your emotions do not dictate what's happening in the news. Or to me who you don't know. You only think you do... I'm angry so I do... I have seen the worst and it's very real... So what do you want me to crarify? Stuff in the news is all fake? I'd bet you wouldn't want me to act that way to your child your after math or you when you all end up by a creepy male stud screwed up asking for help in life

    • You have issues.


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  • No, I've never met such a man and I'm very glad for that

    • So the news paper isn't true? You haven't meet one man? Are you in la la land? All I have to do is talk to a police officer, fireman, ambulance driver or girl and I hear about them why have you not?

  • Yes my sons dad was abusive and a few after that I now know how to spot a creepy bad ass man a mile away and I stay the hell away

    • Thank you you make me spot creepy men a mile away and I feel normal doing so even if it's those who are in charge... And no it's not normal to act abnormal...

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    • I want to pick you because you tell truth and we all need it... But it' good not to be rash... Just realize you made me feel OK in my own skin and maybe some other victum which means more then points...

    • Aww your welcome Glad I could help

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  • Wtf are you asking? Are you asking if they have only ever met creepy men?

    • yes... Are you one of themmm?

    • Are you? It sounds like you're saying all men besides you are creepy.

    • No not all men but I'm in mexican black territory.. I'm not creepy or have the need to be because I'm very attractive, I'm normal and have sexual standards I live up to them, girls around me like me and call me different. But what it causes to happen around me is very creepy. No one I have meet acts like me. Girls call me diferent. So that's why I ask have no need to be trick anyone to get my pleasures taking care of because it's not me. But being me causes men to behave very creepy around me...