Will it be wrong if I call him over to speak with him about it?

I been with this guy for over 6 years and he has guilt inside of him that causes him to push be away with anger then later don't mean it will it be wrong if I call him over to speak with him about it? Deep inside including the sound of his voice he don't mean it like always


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  • I think it's wrong of him to push you away. I think if he knows he has a problem then he has to work on himself better. You can talk it out and bring it to his attention. But I htink the main thing is that he should want to change and get better for you and for himself.


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  • He needs to let out those inner demons. In other words, he needs someone that he feels comfortable expressing himself to.

    If you lock away and hide all of your pain, eventually it will come out in other ways

    -Such as destructive behavior

    -Angry or aggressive speech

    -Allowing others not to too close to him emotionally etc.

    He needs to seek therapy and try to get himself better so he can let go of whatever it is causing him to act that way.