Regret after random hook up

Ladies why do you sometimes feel bad/have regret after a random hook up?


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  • if the hook up went well and the guy is still cute without beer goggles then I don't regret a thing, I don't really sleep around, but I hate the assumption that as a girl I must have a deep emotional connection to want sex and that if I have a random hook up a guy is just using me, maybe I'm the one using him


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  • Well I do not know from experience, but if that were to happen to me I would feel horrible because I want to save it for marriage so I would be breaking that promise to myself.

  • I would answer but I don't know from personal experience.

    My guess is that because it probably feels like sh*t knowing that a guy will have sex with you and use you for your holes, but he won't cuddle with you or take the time to get to know you or show any other interest in you besides sex. That would feel terrible. Which is why I work so hard to avoid situations like that.


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