Online dating guy won't set date to meet...why...?

So I've been messaging this guy back and forth now for a few weeks and he's suggested meeting up but then when I say OK and ask when he's free he says he's not sure what days and he'll let me know. More messages have now been sent and I hinted again at meeting up but he's still not asked for a specific day. Why would a guy do this?

I can see a picture so know he's normal, maybe just wants to message to kill some time and not really interested in meeting?


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  • There could be a few things. He may have something else going on and you are the backup. He also may have been talking to you to boost his ego. Then, when it gets time to make the move, he reconsiders it. He may think you're beneath his standards. Obviously, these are just generalizations and by no means are meant to offend you. I'm just trying to think of reasons why. Try posting a couple more pictures, especially full body (if you don't have them up already). It will let him know what he may be missing. Make sure you note they are current.


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  • His photo is probably fake, because if you get a sincere guy, they don't want to spend to much time talking without meeting, so this sounds like its not going anywhere, you should move on, as you get a lot of lonely people who spend their life on dating sites but never meet anyone, so move on, say to him, if he don't want to meet fine, but you want to meet someone, so take care, been nice knowing you, x

  • Yeah, I think you answered your own question. I think that plainly, "he's just not that into you" in this case. So I would suggest you tell him to get serious, and finally come up with a time and place, and if he still doesn't, no need to say anything else, just stop talking to him. Period.


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