What would change your mind?

Ok, this is aimed mostly for guys, but what would change your views of your best girl friend into someone you'd want to date?


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  • 1. I'd have to be attracted to her physically in the first place.

    2. While she was my friend, she didn't sleep around with a bunch of other guys, or act in an otherwise high-drama manner.

    3. She shows some interest in me, my ambitions, thoughts and so forth. A female friend that makes it all about her doesn't make for a good girlfriend. If she has been a genuinely good friend, then that's different.

    4. If she feels more than friendship, she ought to tell me. Whether I agree or not is up to me, but leaving it out there for me to guess isn't the way to go about getting me to see you as something more. Be clear in your intentions.


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  • best girl as friend into someone you wanna date when you don't have any other girl for whom you have feelings.

    she suddenly becomes too sweet & caring & you feel somethn in your stomach :P

    or maybe you start thinking of her the whole day :)

  • Hmmmm... she'd have to not be married anymore. She'd have to learn how to not look down on other people so readily and learn to recognize her own faults better. I'd have to take her out of the friend zone (I have no idea how to do this; I tried).

  • I don't have a best female friend, but if she wasn't already taken I still wouldn't have a chance due to going into the service.

  • Funny you say this. I am now attracted to my best female friend for the first time. I guess its her beautiful aura and personality, lovely smile and eyes and her lovely figure that just got me thinking even more about her.


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