Whats the point of dating for men?

doesn't get you anywhere as a man. The average guy gets rejected 7/10 times to start with. How many first dates actually lead to anything.. And how many relationships actually turn into marriage? Think about all the money a guy will spend on girls- its in the thousands and thousands...and think about how many marriages end up in divorce, usually initiated by women. With divorce comes comes the robbery of pretty much everything..

Why wouldn't guys just want to sleep around their entire lives maybe settle down when we are 45 when we know it will actually turn into something until death. Dating just isn't worth the temporary happiness it brings for men


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  • Because once your 45 and decide to finally settle down your pickings will be A LOT slimmer, it will be harder to have children since the ideal child bearing age for women is their 20s to mid 30s so most women that age won't go for a 45 your old unless he's rich, you will have embedded on your mind the persona of a hormonal teenager who just wants to sleep around still and by that time women in your town will know you are a womanizer. Do you might as well be alone forever if that's your mentality. And the whole divorce thing initiated by women, you don't know the reasoning behind every womens choice. The MSN could've been abusive or cheating so that's why she finally got fed up and filed papers. So that's not really a hood fact to support your claim with

    • lol probably the easiest time a man will have tobfind a date is when their in their 40`s so many single women its just a matter of picking. Roles reverse at that age.

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    • Im not seeking any revenge or anything I've never been heartbroken rejected on a date or used. This is just the wayvi see things

    • Well good luck to you


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  • People that get married later don't necessarily have a higher change of being together, if anything when they break up they're even older the those who got married young and find it harder to find someone else.

  • omfg stop whinning. its annoying! everyday I see these questions

    • What are you talking about - I've never seen a question like this and I'm not whining against wlomen or anything. I can get women no problen I just don't see what's the point of dating for men if its just a temporary hapiness that leaves you broke at the end of it

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    • On my phone- have a good one dumbo

    • lmao always excuses. you just can't spell

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  • Actually if you are getting a yes 3 times out of 10, those are great odds.

  • Because society will call you names if you don't.

    • Its not that- guys just don't think big picture enough

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    • Im not complaining about not being able to get a date or being rejected

    • I'm not either and you misread if you think I said that. I'm just telling you the order for you to keep doing the dating thing as they say it should go, to find whatever is just social pressure.