Should I keep things going?

I've started dating this guy, and I'm really unsure about him. I find him really clingy, and just not my type. But he's a very nice guy! Should I continue dating him? We're nothing official. Like I said, he's very nice but I'm just afraid he might get extremely angry. I haven't really had to do this before.


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What Guys Said 1

  • no, don't keep it going, because if you don't really like him, and you think he isn't your type, then break it off now, don't wait. because if you wait, and he becomes REALLY attached then it will hurt WAY more, trust me (experience)


What Girls Said 1

  • If you know he's not your type, it's way easier to end it now than it would be when he gets even more attached and more clingy. Just be honest with him, and open and close the break-up with nice things to say to cushion the blow.

    Also if you think he's really nice, he may be receptive to hearing that things are moving too fast for you if you decide you do want to continue dating him. Relationships thrive on communication, so just let him know you need some space if you're feeling stifled.