Could it be because she's trying to hide something from you?

what does it mean when you take your girlfriends phone and she goes crazy to get it back when she wasn't using it? could this be a bad sign? could it be because of stuff that personal? or could it be because she's trying to hide something from you?


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  • Generally, that's not a good sign. I have nothing to hide so I let my boyfriend steal my phone whenever he wants to. If she doesn't want you to see her phone there is probably something on there she doesn't want you to see.


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  • Or maybe she's embarrassed. Maybe she's worried you'll get a suggestion from the search engine history that's embarrassing. If it's a smart phone, that is. If it's a brick, a clunker you can drop, then the only thing embarrassing could be texts. But it doesn't necessarily have to be about anything you'd consider important. I have a password on my phone and don't tell my friends because I have a different texting voice for different people and it would embarrass me if someone saw "yo, was up ma homeskillet" when they receive texts reading "What ho ol' chap?" and "ta". The difference can be that extreme but even when it's not, I still feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't worry that much. I'd say trust them, and don't ask aggressively, espeially if it migt be over something as dumb as some other guy texting her and she just doesn't know how to tell him to shove off without being a jerk (and I worry about being a jerk a lot, so I have a hard time saying "don't text me" or even "that's out of line")

  • well its not a good sign, not necessarily bad though

    it could just mean she has stuff in there that's more personal to her and she wouldn't feel comfortable with you reading it or seeing it (how I was like at the beginning of my relationship, although I didn't go crazy to get it back, it just made me nervous)

    but it can mean she has something to hide, but there's really no proof of it, so don't accuse her of anything

    it is suspicious behavior however, and I understand how it could make you anxious

    if you feel comfortable, ask her why she reacted that way, there's no guarantee she'll tell you the truth, but hey, its worth a try


  • it's personal because she's trying to hide something from you. Love it's crazy so try to be calm. tell her if she does it again, you won't put up with it, and follow through.

  • Honestly I think you said it all,No one goes that crazy for a phone unless they are hiding something..or if its expensive and they really are crazy for it but I don't think that's your case


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