Is any kind of attention from a girl a good indication of interest?

So there's this girl and I think she is kinda cute. I recently noticed that she tries to get my attention a lot, mostly by teasing me and calling me names. When its just me and her I usually have to start the conversation since she is a bit quiet, but once the ball starts rolling, we have fun.

However, when there's more people in the room, she constantly teases me (she'll initiate it most of the time). If I'm talking to somebody else, she'll make comments on what I say (even when she is across the room) it kinda feels like she wants me to stop talking to them and start teasing her back. When I see her with others, she gives them "good" attention. I get not so good attention but she knows I love it and she responds exactly how I want her to respond, is this good?


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  • Seems like good attention to me..If she's teasing you, then it's all done in good fun(: Seems to me like she likes you...She sounds like me actually. When you're around people, you are louder and seem to talk more freely and feel confident without having the fear of being rejected. But when YOU are alone with HER...she doens't know how to initiate the conversation at the beginning, she doens't wanna say something to where you don't wanna talk to her at all or think she's boring, so she makes you talk first. This was my way of thought anyways. But honestly, I think she likes you a lot and is just teasing you to get your attention and wants the same reaction back (: good luck!


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  • Might just be an attention-whore.