Why would a guy say this/what's up with him?

so here's the thing I met this guy online (dating site) and he hasn't seen a pic of mine. I told him I sent my pic to this other guy and he logged off and I felt ugly. Before that I had a pic of some actress up as me fake when he msged. and then I told him I kind of looked like her and it was fake. anyway the whole I don't think I'm pretty thing came after. and he was all like don't worry looks aren't that important inner beauty is better. anyway we chatted and he still thinks inner beauty is more important and he doesn't even ask to see my pic. only asks if we would have a problem because I'm of a diff. culture (middle eastern). also I should mention this guy is 10 years older than me I'm 20 and he's like 31. should I be afraid of this guy and not meet with him if he asks? is something up?


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  • Honey, age doesn't matter– once you age. Right now though, that gap means he has ten years on you of life experiences that you need a chance to gain yourself. Now it may not seem so different, but in reality and in person, the maturity levels and world views will be too far off, and could cause severe over-dependency on parts of the relationship, and stress on the others. You also sound a bit too insecure with yourself to be trying things with an a man outside your generational range, and it wouldn't be healthy just yet. Try to build some confidence, and look a bit closer to your age group.

    That's not even getting into what could happen if he's not as good as he seems. I normally don't advise against age gaps, but with personal experiences of myself and family members in this topic, I can safely say that your lifestyles are too different right now. Maybe not in ten years for you, but people don't wait that long. First and foremost, you should work on becoming more comfortable and confident with yourself.

    And as for the guy logging off before? It may not have been how you look, but rather you reminded him of someone else, or if race/religion were a barrier, knew something wouldn't work. Don't just assume it's because your face isn't model-esque.


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  • Online dating is so Flakey especially if your a guy.


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  • some guys on these dating sites can be iffy. some are actually good guys. try to get more info out of him. don't and I repeat DON'T exchange numbers till you have enough info to make more of this guy...

    age for the most part is nothing but a number.

    i met my boyfriend of now almost 3months on a dating site. talked online for a month before exchanging numbers. talked on the phone/texting for another two weeks before setting first date. we're in it for the long run. and I'll tell you neigther one of us was each others type. and now we're happy. so you never really know until you talk.