Should I call or just wait?

So I texted this girl last week telling her we should do something together that week and she said she wasn't sure because she was busy and she would let me know the next day. She then texted me 2 days latter saying that she couldn't because she was busy, but could maybe do something the next week (this week) and she'll let me know in the next couple of days. It's been almost a week so should I see what's up or just wait and see?

Well this confuses me...why did she bother texting me two days later to let me know that she was busy and she might be free next week when she could have just ignored me right then and there and not texted me 2 days later?
I'll make it easier here's the exact convo:

her: hey

me: goodmorning beautiful

her: what's up?

me: just having some pancakes u?

her: lol lucky u...writting a letter to the FDA

me: that sounds brutal

her: it is I can't do something this week but next week would be better

me: that's fine...ur new jobs keep you busy lol

her: (she talks about her job I'll save you the trouble lol)

her: okay I need to look into it I am so stressed out work what days are you free next
me; I have nothing planed yet so whenever is best for you

her: Okay I will let you know I have to get back to work ttyl

me: k have fun working (haha)

her: thanks
Someone answered this question just now and thought I'd update even though I don't even remember asking this question since it's been so long. after a couple of months of chasing this girl I finally just asked her if she had any feelings for me other than a friend, she said no. Also, here's the kicker, she was dating a guy at the time (I had no idea) I asked this and they're still dating. We're still good friends (even though we don't see or talk as much as we used to) and things aren't
weird at all. I've also completely moved on and don't have any interest of ever being with her. So overall, I'd say this was a happy ending.


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  • "Update: me; I have nothing planed yet so whenever is best for you

    her: Okay I will let you know I have to get back to work ttyl

    me: k have fun working (haha)

    her: thanks"

    So it went quiet right then? She's busy as hell, plain as day. My boyfriend does the same thing, disappears for days at a time and drives me crazy because he has no clue how to multitask when he's stressed out.

    Try replying, "How's work going?" or something similar. She'll let you know how busy she is in reply or lack of.

    • true but a simple 5 sec text like "still busy let you know soon" says a lot. I'll text her anyway and see what's up...lack of a text though to me is "don't f-ing text me again"

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    • Aw, I'm glad that worked out okay

    • thank you!


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  • You maybe her 2nd choice. Fall back guy if the other one doesn't work out. Just throwing you a crumb in hopes you keep waiting. So if she gets dumped. Grab a calendar and plan a date. Or even take her to a lunch date durning her working hours. Don't give her a chance to see what the other person is doing ect. I personally say...she being nice and not interested or has another guy she rather be with. Time will tell.

    • She does have another guy she is seeing casually and I know that, but I think it's her new job that's keeping her busy more than the other guy. I don't care if I am the "fallout guy" it's not like we're dating and also it's nice to know that when the other dude messes up I get dibs lol. I know weird, but she's a very hot commodity ;)

  • Move on...DONT ASK HER ANYMORE. Either she not interested or she's waiting to see if her first choice wants to do something. Best way to make her want you...NOT BE AVAILABLE! :) It WORKS

    • This is what high school kids and early stage daters do. If you're both older and more mature than that, don't "be unavailable" just because you feel slighted. I think that only works on people desperately seeking attention from another; otherwise, being unavailable simply gets you labels such as "afraid of commitment" or "player," and frankly not worth a working woman's time.

    • True I hate games like that (that's why am asking this question lol). Also it is true that you can get someone more interested if you act busy and stuff like that, but that only works if the person has shown clear interest and in this case she has not. You cannot make someone like that jealous by acting busy, they first must be interested for that to work. Am an honest guy so I choose not to take part in those games; if am interested I'll let you not.

  • Well maybe she learned what a stuck up jerk you turly are so she's lieing to get you to leave her alone...HA HA ...I new it no one wants to date you because your a jerk.

    • so stalker mode is turned on now huh? She actually thinks am a great guy I know this because I just came back from hanging out with her. She's seeing someone at the moment, but still wants to see me even though she knows what my intentions are. She obviously thinks am horrible if she's risking her relationship over me. She is very intelligent (going to med school like me), kind, and one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, in short she's better than you in every way.

  • Don't bother. Just move on.

  • A message to let her know you're still interested is nice, if she doesn't follow up though, it may be a sign of disinterest or a flake. If it's been a while since she said she'd contact, just see if she's still busy or not.


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  • don't even try. I'm gonna break your fingers if you do.

    if she won't respond then forget about her. move on. it's over.

    if she responds with a day/time or something, you're not available at that time. because you're this wonderful guy who has this thing called LIFE and doesn't wait by the phone why someone will call him. just suggest different time.

  • Don't talk to her anymore, it's not cool to do what she does to people.

  • wait. forever

    • hahaha, I completely forgot about this question. I was an idiot and in denial. She was never interested in me as anything other than a friend. We're still friends, but I've completely moved on.

    • you think men and women can be friends?