Is it a turn off if a guy responds to your phone calls or text messages?

I've been dumped for responding(not sending or dialing) phone calls and text messages too often as well as for showing my true personality and not role playing but I have also lost friends for acting like a douche and not responding enough and I'm sure the same would be true with young women who are more than just female friends. Is this to be done with prospective dates even though friends hate it and will let you go because of it?


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  • All I have to say is that is pretty damn childish for someone to dump you for. That isn't clingy by any means. They called you and sent you a message. OH MY GOD they contacted me back that must mean they are clingy; now I must dump him. lol. That is stupid.

    I am a pretty independent person myself and I can tell you if someone dumps you for returning a call or text they must have a bad self-esteem to be thinking that you care too much for them for doing that. I say don't care they contacted you, you wouldn't want to date a person that thought that anyways. And if they freak out if you don't return a call or text right away that is another sign of bad self-esteem. Omg you actually got busy and you must contact them back. They shouldn't freak out you got busy and might of forgotten the message or really can't answer at the moment. You can return it when you have time and there are other people in your life too. Not saying they aren't important though.

    I can tell you personally I'm not a person for texting. I use to be, but why can't you just call and talk more than a freakin text. It gets done faster too if you just want to ask to hangout or figure something out to do together plus you actually get to hear their actual emotions through the phone.


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  • Well that is stupid I want the guy to respond and like attention if the guy likes me. Trust me if she is gonna dump you because of that she is not worth it one bit. Find a girl who loves to hear from you.

  • I think that in general people do not like the whole clingy thing but there are girls who love it when you respond to them right away. If a girl (or guy) dumps you because you actually respond to them then they were never even worth your time. It just shows you they are shallow. Yet, everybody does need their space every once in a while, so it doesn't hurt to stop texting for a length of time.

    I am trying to say that not everyone is the same.

  • Chances are, it wasn't the contact she dumped you for. She's probably flighty, and was just looking for something to blame it on, so don't worry about it. If you're looking for a woman who is serious about having a long term, committed relationship, then you'll want to find one who wants to contact you just as much as you want to contact her.

    But direct answer to your question: No, it's not a turn off, it's a turn on. It tells me he wants me, and he's serious, and I'll make sure to give him incredible attention when we're together in person as a reward.

    Inverse? A guy who plays hard to get, or just doesn't feel like calling will be either told to reform, or hit the curb. If he's not interested enough to care, I don't care enough to keep him.

  • Lol, not if I like him. If I'm interested in a guy, I want him to reply to my calls and texts. I think it's tacky as hell when people just don't call or text back. Like they're using technology as a way to be rude because in reality if someone were trying to speak to you, you wouldn't just ignore them then not get back to them. Maybe you were just clingy and that was what turned off your girl.

    My honest opinion? You need to have a mind of your own. Please do not be another one of those silly guys who says "Well I know a couple of a**holes who don't know how to act and they don't have the romantic problems I have so I'm going to imitate them and maybe my romantic issues will fade away." Them being an a**hole may have nothing to do with their romances going better than yours. There are other aspects to them that you may not have or you just may have in a weaker way, that women are very attracted to. Attracted so much to those other aspects that they accept the a**hole in him.


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