Should I tell him about it or not?

My crush asked me to be his girlfriend yesterday. I really liked him a lot and I was very happy when he asked and I said yes. But then when he wanted to kiss me I suddenly felt really strange and told him I'm not ready for a kiss yet. He said it's OK and that he would wait, but he kept talking about it and asking me what was wrong, but I couldn't really explain it. It's like the moment he tried to kiss me I stopped being attracted to him. He now tells me he loves me (we've only been a couple for a day!) and he texts and calls me the whole time, but I just am not so sure that I am attracted to him anymore. I've only known him for a week when he asked me out and I think we still have to get to know each other, but his feelings about me are a lot stronger that my feelings about him.

Why did I suddenly stop wanting him when he tried to kiss me? And should I explain it all to him or not?


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  • When you first refused, he waited. Tell nothing, partly because nothing to tell, but take your time. Some guys like to go fast, some willing to take more time.

    If he is what you thought when he was a crush, he'll wait.

    • oh you again :D well thanks, everyone else says I should just feel lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend, who cares so much about me and that he acted normal.

    • Almost didn't answer :( afraid you might think I was stalking you. Good luck :) never did figure what normal is...:D


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  • Maybe your gay? How the hell would we know? Sounds like once you knew that you could have him you no longer wanted him. Maybe fear of intimacy.


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  • He sounds like he only likes you/asked you out for the benefit of physically displaying his affections.

    Next he will probably try getting into your pants, he is going way too fast. Ask him to slow it down, if he refuses to or treats you differently then he isn't even worth it.