Any other girls do this?

Commenting on a question about tipping made me wonder. When I first start dating a guy I judge what kind of guy he is based on four things. Does he: tip well, treat animals right, treat old people kindly, and at least offer to open the door and pay. Am I the only one that uses little tests to size a guy up. I feel that if he can't at least show respect for those people he doesn't need to waste my time.

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To the people so caught up in opening the door and paying. I said AT LEAST OFFERS to open the door and pay. I never said he had to or to leave the tip but if he pays and leaves a tip that is like a dollar or two that's not cool. I am perfectly capable of paying and opening the door and never expect it but it is nice for him to and I repay the favor.


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  • i like animals, dogs, cats, dogs more so, but I have no problem kicking the crap out of a dog if it turns on me, especially some stray that runs out of an alley. iam not getting my throat bit, ill stomp that f***ers head in. as for tipping I generally tip if the person deserves it. if your a snotty bitch, no tip for you. if iam in a bad mood don't expect me to hold the door open for anybody. at that point iam ready to break something doesn't matter what. takes a lot to anger me, so if iam don't piss me off. though generally like I said it takes A LOT to piss me off, iam generally in a fair mood.


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  • When I dine out, and I often do because I travel a lot. I generally tip 15% if the service is 'Normal' people make mistakes, sh*t happens. If the service is great I bump it up to 20%. Now those things you look for, that list. Is a good start to see if the guy is decent (I agree with adamcdavis) He can be on his best behavior , you know, that nice guy front... once you get to know him (know him), he can still be a douche bag after all..

  • I do tip well

    I am nice to everyone

    I tend to open the door and offer to pay

    but I'm not nice to animals. I'm not saying I abuse them lol

    But I'm neutral. I'm not really a pet person.

    but in my eyes. I definitely do that to girls.

    How she treats others and strangers is HUGE one for me.

    How she talks about her exes

    How she talks about her friends

    etc etc

  • tip well? wtf?

    And, again, why should I be expected to pay or open the door for women? God damn old fashioned mindset forcing guys to do stuff yet women still demand more and more of equality. Oye.

    Treating animals and people in general (regardless of age) is a good thing. But the other two? Just asinine.

    • I should probably explain why.

      The first? Either you're coming off as someone focused on money (seeing how much they will be willing to spend/give others) or you're thinking that they aren't thinking of the wellbeing of the waitress/waiter. Here's the thing, tipping is for EXCEPTIONAL service. Not adequate, not decent, not run of the mill service. Tipping needs to stop being seen as something people MUST do and be seen as something people WANT to do.

      As for the other? I touched on that.

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    • Once again I DO NOT expect it. If you are going to argue at least be aware of what I have said several times. I do not like people putting words in my mouth.

    • You're still using it as a determiner as to how good the guy is ya? Do you not see how that can be a problem? There are other ways to determine if the man is good. And, to be honest, trying to simplify it to only 4 things is really sorta... illogical.

  • Seems standard to me. I didn't know most guys didn't do that stuff.

    • Oh you would be shocked. I found this one guh liked his profile and all. We went on a date he let the door slam in my face, didn't let me order what I wanted (he was concerned about the fact that I am overweight?) And he proceeded to drink 3 32oz beers. He gave me a hug and grabbed my butt (how rude). I was not down but then he told me that I was too fat for him (like he couldn't tell from my pics?) And that I wanted kids so it wouldn't work out. Yeah true story.

  • those things you listed all do generally make him a decent person but that still doesn't completely shed light on if he's truly a good person or not.

    • Well no but are you gonna keep dating a chick you met that kicked a dog? Its just one of those things you check for respect for other people.

    • yeah I'm saying it does works but in most cases those are usually very basic things and you will probably only be eliminating a very small number of people who are truly very bad individuals lol.

    • I wanted something that I could keep in mind when I meet guys. I do a lot of online dating since I work odd hours and this is just my general list of what to look for the first couple times of seeing each other.

  • What if the service was bad? Do you still expect him to tip well?

    • Well no but under normal circumstances I wanna see you know that if it was 40-50 for the two of us I don't wanna see like a 2 dollar tip you know.

    • QA why don't you pay for the tip? If you expect the man to fork out all that cash, I don't see how $5-10 should be so hard on you.. esp if you "wanna see" a decent tip

  • I really like that. But girls do not test me. I act nice to everyone. But I hold to my opinions and dignity.


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  • If the guy pays for the meal, I will leave the tip so that really isn't a concern of mine. I will pay attention to how he treats the waitstaff. If he's being a jerk - turnoff.

    I open doors for people if I get there first, so I expect the same from others. To me it isn't chivalrous, it's courteous. If he doesn't show courtesy to those around him - turnoff.

    I like people who like animals, but most people are indifferent. Anyone being mean period - to kids, animals, to their peers, to themselves - turn off.

    But I apply that to everyone I meet. If you're discourteous, impolite, or mean - I don't want to be around you.

  • Yes I think most people specially women have some guidelines

  • Absolutely! If he can't respect people properly, then he will not have my respect.

  • you are the only one. I don't do any of that

  • I'm like this too.

    If a guy does not tip at all, well that's not cool because he's not thinking of the server

    Abusing animals is a sign of a psycho

    Being nasty to old people shows he's disrespectful and mean

    Not offering to open the door or pay shows he isn't a gentleman

    So if he's not doing those 4 little things that alone would cut him out right there. Some other girl can have him

  • Yea, I think testing a guy this way is great, Also how he treats his mom, sister, other people around him play a part in proving how good of a guy he is.

    Especially when a guy insult someone's family who he doesn't know Or his that just a big red flag.

  • Tipping, yes. But sometimes I do the tipping, so the "test" is just being polite to the wait staff in general. If a guy doesn't say "thank you" or even look the person in the eye, it's off-putting to me.

    • Thank goodness I was beginning to think I was weird since the only girl who answered voted no.