What do I do when this happens?

So about two weeks ago I went and saw Avengers with this guy I like and our two friends. Our friends like each other and he had his arm around her almost right away. And about halfway through the movie the guy I like put his arm around me so I just kinda scooted closer to him to be more comfortable. But my neck and upper back hurt after the movie. So my question is: where do I put my when he puts his arm around me? Because I'm going out to another movie later today and thin it'll happen again :)


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  • Sit however feels comfortable, and if you can't get comfortable try holding his hand. If he seems like he wants to put his arm around you again but he's too shy to do it right away, don't be shy to put his arm wherever you want it.

    If your neck and back hurt again, then you've got a perfectly valid reason to tell him that he owes you a massage ;)


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  • I say jeep your hands in your lap but lay your head on his shoulder or chest if its comfortable.


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