Does he use me to get over her?

This boy and I had sex. It's was my first time and he knew that. But we aren't in a relationship. He broke up whit his girlfriend a month ago. And says he moved on. I like him but he talks about his ex whit me. Like he's sad because she is annoying him and so on. Does he like me ? What do you think ? Should I continue my "relationship" whit him? Pleas help. I'm starting to think he's just using me to get over her.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Both options are possible. If you like the guy do not rush to decisions. Month after the break-Up is a very short time. The feelings are strong. needs time to settle it all.


What Girls Said 1

  • dont give in to sex much, if you can listen to him talk of her then, be around for htat.Or you can tell him, that you don't think he's finished with those feelings and you won't have sex with him, until some time has passed. Then he'll respect your feelings more.