Guys: Am I "chasing" him too much?

Before this guy went traveling we'd hooked up a few times, and we have both admitted to being attracted to each other.

While he is away I am trying to figure out how to keep up communication with him.

So far I have been the only one to initiate contact, and I ahve done so a few times in the past in 2 months. He replies but never initiates the messaging. Should I now stop contacting him until he contacts me?

Thanks for your answers. Typing the question I think I knew the answer already, but I guess sometimes it helps to have people behind you to strengthen your resolution. I really like him and I like the buzz I get when we message, have to stop chasing him/the buzz!


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  • Yes you should stop chasing. If you find that you are the one who is doing all the work then you know he is being polite to answer your contact. He doesn't care about you at all. He is being polite because he probably doesn't want to hurt your feeling. lets him go if he come after you then he is worthy of your time if not then the next guy.I realized that if the guy likes you there shouldn't be anything to stop him from contacting you. He will always make time for you period.


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  • Congrats.. You're a doormat. He got his and left.. That's it.. Time to Move On. You'll find someone you are sexually, and emotionally compatible with.

    • Actually I refused to have sex with him. We just kissed.

    • Oh well good for you. keep your virginity.. don't be a doormat. and move on. =]

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  • I agree with Darlan's answer. Stop chasing him, hon. If he's also interested in you and wants to take it further, he'll find way to be near you and with you. Sometimes, you have to let that kind of person go, give the space he needs to think things over and through, room to miss you, and if he really wants you in his life or not, only until then you'll get your answer -- by his actions.

    So, having said that, don't stop living your life. Continued on... Good luck.

  • I would wait for him to contact me or wait till he comes back if you contact him again. He is travelling and that is his priority at the moment. I wouldn't be doing too much contacting of people while I was travelling. I just want to enjoy my trip and experiences.