He wants to make out and I haven't had my first kiss!

I'm 20 and I haven't kissed anyone told this guy I had a boyfriend before so he thinks I'm at least make out experienced if not in the sack. But I haven't, and I don't care if he wants a relationship or not.. just want to make out with him too. PLEASE HELP ANY TIPS.. I don't want him to know I can't kiss its so embarrassing.


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  • First off, be completely honest with the next guy, don't lie. It's cute that you haven't had your first kiss yet, means you're not settling for any random douchebag. Second, just relax. Kissing is very instinctual. It will come to you if you relax and trust yourself but if you over think it and worry, it won't be good. Just follow his lead but start slow. If I'm a guy and I really like you and the first time we kissed you didn't really do that well, I wouldn't really care. Sometimes it takes time for two people to connect on the kissing level so stop worrying, all will be fine.

    • But I don't think he wants a relationship or anything just making out and I don't care actually lol But then what if he thinks omg she sucks lol

    • Whoever said anything about a relationship lol. You're freaking out for no reason. Think about it, you've already identified the worst case scenario, he thinks you suck at kissing. Will you be emotionally traumatized by this one guys opinion? Answer this honestly, what do you think of this guy? From your previous comment, it seems like you don't care for him much an you just want to make out with him and get your first kiss over with while pleasing him. Do you want your first kiss with this guy?


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  • The first kiss is nerve wracking for guys also. I still get tingles wondering if I should go for it or if she'll think my technique sucks. Just kiss him, tilt your head so your faces don't mash together, and let him take charge.

    If you want to practice with him without giving away your inexperience, just say you never did ____ with your ex and wanted to try with him. That'll make him think he's some kind of new experience for you, without him actually knowing just how much of a new experience he is.

  • Just go for it - you're supposed to enjoy it, it's not like an 'exam' you have to 'pass'


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