Ladies, what's your take on this?

What would you think of a 20 year old guy (almost 21) who is not only a virgin, but hasn't even had his first kiss. Just wondering if it would bother you or if you really wouldn't care? And yes I am talking about myself so that questions out of the way lol.


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  • people always seem so concerned about their ages & intimate experiences...

    I'm eighteen, almost nineteen and I'm in the exact same boat as you ...the worst thing I've done is hold hands (shock horror! haha)

    I've gone through phases where I've been really concerned of what people may think of my very limited intimate experience, but then I realized who cases what people think ? it'll happen /Ill let it happen when it feels right.

    try not to worry about it, just go with the flow

    your time will come.

    (and so will mine hopefully! haha)


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  • I couldn't care less. Things like that just happen when it feels right. Trying to conclude something based on age doesn't really make sense to me. In fact, I'd find it rather attractive if a guy is 'unexperienced' in love, it's actually really cute (sorry if you didn't want to hear that ;) and it shows you're not one of those playerish guys. So +1 ;)

  • no worries. I am almost twenty and did not even go on a date much less hold hands till last year. don't be ashamed of it. if you are content with yourself and happy with the decisions you have made then that is great. if you are not there are ways to change that. I would not care

  • I find that amazingly wonderful. I would pray to God to bless me with him! Sigh... That type of guy is my dream, really, it is! Dreams are hard to run across though. lol x ]


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