After the first date.....

I met this girl online a while ago, we met up for coffee a couple weeks ago, and just yesterday we went out to dinner. (kind of our first date I guess.) I can tell she had a good time cause she was smiling and laughing a lot, and I was having a good time as well.

There was a lot of eye contact, even when we were laughing we'd look at each other, so it seemed like we were having a good connection.

There wasn't any physical contact really, except subtle touches of our feet (which I think was not on purpose..) I paid for the food or course, but she gave me a ride home since I don't have a car.

I asked her to get out her car for a hug, cause she didn't jump at it, but I gave her a good hug and she did this little bouncing thing and smiled at me after the hug, kind of like she really liked it but she didn't want a kiss just yet. - Is it a bad sign she didn't get out to give me a hug without me asking? Or could she have liked that I was assertive and told her I'd like a hug?

Anyways.. So we made plans to go snowboarding next week. I have only been on this one date with her, and she is already comfortable going up to the mountain with me all day! We haven't had any real flirty touches, but we seem to like each other enough to hang out all day already..

My questions are:

-Should I treat this snowboard trip like an opportunity to get closer to her romantically?

-Is it like a "date" trip or more like two friends going on a trip kind of thing?

-Would it be a good time to go for the first kiss on the trip, (say she fell down and I stopped to help her up so I used this opportunity for a kiss? does that sound like a thing to try or would it make the rest of our trip awkward?

I pretty much want to make this trip as amazing as possible. I DO NOT want to have fun but put myself in the "friend zone".. If you gals or guys can give me any tips to make this trip more on the side of a date than just a trip I would appreciate it. I want to impress this girl and get closer to her as well, I'd also like a first kiss since I usually end up in the friend zone if I don't get at least a little physical by the 2nd date..

Thanks for any tips, advice and for answering my questions. :)

hmmm... So I just saw that this girl left a comment on this other dudes myspace saying " yea if you weren't busy tomorrow, I'd totally ditch out to come see you". Tomorrow I'm going on the trip with her... That's not good... is it?
So she told me today she had to take her mom to the DR tomorrow so she can't go... So I asked her if she wanted to come hang out tomorrow and I'd cook her dinner and we could watch a movie. She said that sounded nice and she'd think about it ;) - hmmmm...


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  • Well if you two are going alone, that is a good indicator it is a date. I wouldn't worry about the kiss to much during your time there, if it happens it happens if not it doesn't. If anything at the end of the date give her a kiss on the cheek. At the least this will show you are interested in her as something more than friends, but you also are not going to force her to do something she doesn't want to just yet. A kiss on the cheek can be harmless, yet still give the impact you are looking for. I hope this helps man. Good luck to you. I also am going on my first date with this girl next weekend. We are going to a hibachi restaurant. I hope it will go amazingly just like your first encounter did haha.

    • Yeah, I was thinking I'd just kinda let the day play out, and if we connected real well then A kiss would just happen and if it doesn't I'll see what I can do at the end of the night. Think it would be too much to offer to cook her dinner afterward and relax/ watch a movie or somethin?

    • Hmm...truthfully play it by ear man. I bet she would really like it and all, but just make sure she isn't ready to go home just yet haha.


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  • Just relax. Ask her about herself and tell her about yourself. I think it sounds like a great idea for a date. Show her she can trust you and if things are clicking kiss her. I don't think it was a bad idea for you to ask her for a hug. I actually think it is a very cute idea and it keeps things from moving to fast.

  • i think your strategy may work.

    if you don't want to be in the friend zone I say go for the kiss.

  • i think that she likes you and that you shouldnt try overly hard with comment her a lot when your with her and then like go into the lodge or something and hang out a little and sit next to her and see where it goes...she could be shy who knows. good luck

  • You should take things slow with her. Do not seem to anxious to kiss or sleep with her. That is a turn off. She would probably think you are too pushy and aggressive. Let things ease its way in to place.


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  • Thats good, just wait for her to contact you again. If you keep calling her, she will think you like her too much. Just relax a little and wait for her to get back to you,She is probably actually busy and will get back to you when she has time.

    • Lol thanks, that's what I wanted to hear... I am going to just kinda let it play out like it's not a big deal and see if she constacts me when she has time. I kind of talk to her here and there online, but she does seem busy

  • I say don't worry about it it will happen. If you try too hard to get a kiss, she may not be ready for it yet, just let her give you the signal that she is.