GUYS: if you really like a girl do you text her or wait for her to text you?

I've heard that if a guy really likes a girl he will text her. Is this true? Because both my brothers and their friends will not text a girl first (if they really like her) unless they have a specific reason which is not very often at all because they said they are afraid she won't like them. Instead they just let her text them. This guy friend of mine has only texted me first a couple times while I've texted him maybe 6 times first. But he always replies as soon as he gets it, usually us talking for an hour or so him texting back within a minute or so. he almost always spells everything out, uses a lot of smilies\emotions\exclamation points in text (usually only one of either a smiley\emotion\exclamation per text). he always is asking about my day and lets me talk it all out and he has opened up to me too. Guys opinions?


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  • Well each guy is different so it's hard to tell. I hate those stupid games, so if I want to talk to a girl I'll text or call her. If I like her I want to talk to her more so I end up texting more and/or first. Point is I never wait because I think it's stupid and a waste of time. I rarely use smiley faces whether am texting a girl am into or one of my guy friends. There are some guys that always send faces (it's annoying I mean c'mon bro you don't have a vagina). Point is it's hard to tell since everyone has different rules when it comes to texting. Tbh I do not answer the girl am into right away sometimes just to seem busy (I know am sounding like a hypocrite, but I do that very rarely and only when she takes a while to get back to me). However, by the sounds of his texting routine I say you have a solid chance.


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  • I agree with the other guy. Personally I never wait for a girl to text me. If I want to talk to her ill make contact. I don't see the point in the games.


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