Guys, can you be mad at a girl you're in love with?

I mean like, you can be angry at her through texts, phone calls, etc, but as soon as you see her, all that feelings disappear? And if you do this, is it because you love her THAT much or because you care about her or both?


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  • No, I can definitely still be mad at her in daily life. I still love her when I'm mad but I have the right to be upset when something isn't going well.

    • I agree. But my guy has been doing this lately. He can be mad at me. Used to be mad at me. But now he can't -_- he's angry but as soon as he saw me I don't think he's angry anymore -_-

    • Well I think it depends what it is he's mad about. Like if he got bothered by petty things in the past, he might have come to a point where he realized hey, this really isn't THAT big of a deal and I don't need to be mad over something like that towards someone so cute ;P


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  • well we're only human and we have emotions and feelings. Everyone gets mad at each other but if you care/love the person (doesn't matter if its a friend, family, parents, bf/gf) you forgive and forget.

  • Can be the most angry of all with the one I love, as I have the strongest emotions with them, plus my love isn't unconditional.


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