Does he just want sex or could something more become of us?

So I've recently started talking to a man. He's fifteen years my senior. He's sweet and very handsome. He made conversation with me every time I walked by his work before he gave me his number. It takes a lot for me to talk to someone new but I used his number. We started to talk and hang out and I'm a female so I've started to develop feelings for him. We recently had sex. He's the type of guy who's laid back and goes with the flow of things. He says he enjoys the time we spend together. I understand setting expectations can lead to disappointment. But, from anyone's experiences or opinions, could he eventually want a relationship? I know this is a hard question to answer, but I'd really appreciate some advice.


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  • I think that if he enjoys spending time with you then I think that he might want a relationship. You two just had sex and he did not have any complaints about it so I think it is safe to say that he might want a relationship. I think that you should just ask him what does he want out of the relationship or situation that you two are in together? Just be straight forward and ask him instead of trying to get him to give you clues. Guys like it straight forward instead of having to read the body language or thoughts of women to get them to tell them what they want. If he doesn't want to cooperate then you might have to force him to make a decision by giving him an ultimatum. If he is willing to give it a shot and develop a romantic relationship with you then by all means go ahead with the green light approval. I hope my advice can help you out and best of luck with this guy! Peace out. :)

    • He didn't from what I could tell. I don't want to pester him about it. I'm not going to lie, it's a huge age gap. I'm not immature and I don't want him to think I am because I want to know if he likes me so soon. I'm trying to play it cool but I'm such a paranoid person. I've had some bad experiences with guys and I'm kind of scarred.


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  • I had sex yesterday it was good, just give it up.


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  • It's possible, but I doubt it.