How do I fight the urge and how did he get over me so fast?

My ex & I were going out a year and a half.. we'd been through it all.. and I broke up with him last Monday and he already has a new girlfriend. I blocked him from all websites but I keep having the urge to go look at his pages.. how do I not do that & how did he get over me so fast?! We were in love and he said he loves me & always will but like what? I said that I might've made a mistake by breaking up with him but he said he was upset but "got over it" and he needs time away from me. I just want to know if you think he'll ever talk to me again & how to fight the urge & how he got over me so fast...


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  • Babe it looks like its going to take sometime for you to recover from this. I too had a similiar problem in my youth. It took me a full year to get over her. The best thing is surround yourself with people that loves you. Only say hi when he says hi to you. If you hang out with other guys that's fine but don't let it get serious. You are going to need time to heal. I have learned even now with my fiance that it is best to talk it out. It helps you evaluate yourself and your existance. But do not worry, you will be fine. Your ex may one day start to talk to you again and you can be "friends". The best thing would be just let it go and focus on yourself for awhile. It is not the end of the world, and someone will come along who will treat you better and may even be the better boyfriend. Never let yourself stress out about these situations. It seems like your world is coming down around you but remember that you can come out of these feelings with a better sense of worth and peace.


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  • Guys generally are able to move on faster. But this may be a case of him just getting with someone in order to not have to really process the break up with you. This girl is a serious rebound girlfriend and that's terrible for her. Just because he quickly got with someone else, doesn't mean he is over you.