Cute flirty texts?

what are some cute flirty texts I could send to my crush I was thinking- sending him a blank text then saying-"That's weird, didn't know I texted you…my phone must have been missing you ;)"

or when he asks what I'm doing and saying- Open your blinds a bit more, I can't see you very well from this tree branch! ;)"

what would you text your guy crush?


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  • I would be a little more natural, something like 'heyy whatsup?'

    If we were that close to becoming a couple, I would still make myself the girl that he would have to come and get, OFCOURSE, I'd make sure to give him all the green lights and go signs to go ahead and make his final move, assuring him there is no sign of rejection, that way he shouldn't think of you as still playing hard to get after all this time, but that you still have some fun wild spark in you, and that if he were to pursue you, he wouldn't get bored.

    But then again, only you and him know what kind of relationship you've got going on between the two of you, so if that's the way you guys are used to flirting with each other, then I say, try to be a bit more jokey than cute!


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  • LOL don't send anything off the Seventeen mag


    Generally if a girl leads with these, and the guy is young, they will go to his head. As in, he may think he's hot sh*t rock-star and you are his first groupie.

  • that would be too cheesy :)

    bt I would absolutely love it :)

    wud be cool & flirty & A total give away - if you want that to be ..


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  • I would shy away from anything too rehearsed.

    A simple "hey, what's up?" Is one of the best ways to start a conversation because it is natural. Those other lines can come up later when you know the guy, and are possibly dating because you have inside jokes to use.

    Just talk to the guy! Don't be shy! :)

    • i already know the guy very well we had sex a few times in June last year and just recently we were talking about getting together as a couple.

    • If you're going to go for a line, go for a super super corny line, less cutesy and more joke.

  • just say hey hun ;) or something more natural that can be taken both ways so its not a total giveaway. my guy friends love when I send them flirty texts. just to keep our friendship not so boring. (: