I slept with my friend...do I still have a chance to be with him?

He always brags about being a manwhore...but he has seriously dated a couple girls long-term.

We hang out with a group of friends every week. He came onto me first by rubbing my legs & such, to eventually kissing me. He offered to drive me home & continued the touching & kissing. He took the reallyyyy long way to my house even tho he was low on gas lol. ...well I asked him to pull over >.<

In the middle of it he said, "You know this is just all in fun right?" & I said "Yeah I know...I really shouldn't be doing this." & he paused for a couple secs...& just kissed me & continued.

He kissed me goodbye & dropped me off. I'm gonna see him again this Friday with our group of friends...& he's prob gonna try again.

But since we did it I've been thinking about him non stop! I'm so attached now! D:

Do I still have a chance with him? What do I say to him?


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  • Still?

    You never did.

    "You know this is just all in fun" = I'm not going to date you. He was giving you fair warning that it was casual sex ONLY and if you didn't want sex under that scenario, that was the time to back out of it.


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  • "I'm so attached now!"

    there is your problem.

  • Why does your title say you slept with him? Are you asking if you and him could be a couple or a f*** buddy?

    • A couple.

    • Most likely no chance-you should believe what he told you

What Girls Said 2

  • If you really like him go for it and I would ask him why he did it and if walks away then he just wanted you for one thing and you can be treated better and if he stays then yes you might have a chance with him

  • you don't. if a guy says "this is all just for fun" while you're doing it, you are pretty much dead in the water.