Why is he waiting for me to call ?

Sometimes a whole day would pass and my boyfriend won't call at all.. or even text me .. and that makes me cold too .. anyway today this happened and I called him in the end .. and I asked if he was allright and he said .. but he is sad because he wanted me to call him .. and now he feels unwanted .. in a flirty way though .. he didn't make it a big deal .. but I thought , if I don't call .. you should give up and call right .. why wait so long .. it's werid .. those in relationships , does this happen to you ? and by the way the issue is not very serious .. we both wanna feel loved and wanted .. so its a cute thing in my opinion .. but why would he just give up and call !


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, My girlfriend will contact me very rarely and I usually have to step in and start the convos and its bullsh*t cause that makes me feel very unimportant and unwated. Just since I'm usually the one to cave. Its bullsh*t and I wish she would contact me more often


What Girls Said 1

  • Guys do that to mess with you and if he doesn't he is not a guy. So its simple... when guys don't call you, you simply ignore it and do something else to keep your mind off him. The moment he feels that he is extremely important for you he looses interest. So simply do not call him when its his turn to call. So the next time he does the whole ignoring you sh*t... ignore him back. When guys ignore you it doesn't mean that they don't like you it means that they are testing how mentally strong you are and as a chick if you don't keep the upper hand (ofcourse he doesn't know this) he will ignore you more and go elsewhere.