Guys, do you like a girl that?

I want to know if a guy prefers a girl that is assertive and takes the initiative. Such as ask out to the movies, park, go out somewhere, do something, and even ask you out.


A girl that is not assertive nor does the initiative. That she prefers you doing all the work. Like You asking her out to places or asking her out..

For what I know is that guys don't like girls that do all the 'man' work.

But I've known some guys that wish girls were more outspoken and they do the asking out part.


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  • Takes initiative - Yes, given that I'm terrible at mustering up courage to ask someone out, if she does that's awesome. Even if it's someone I hadn't really given much thought to, her taking initiative is the fastest way to make me intrigued by her.

    Assertive - That can go either way. Most girls I've seen as assertive have their bfs completely whipped, are argumentative, and have to have their own way. All that being said, I don't want someone who is too withdrawn to never give her opinion either.


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  • I don't complain about being expected to do all of the initiating, generally, but I do love it when a girl can take it into her own hands. The closest I've ever had, really, was a girlfriend I saw briefly in high school established a rule when we started dating. I would initiate everything the first time, as in she wouldn't be the first to kiss, touch, etc. But after we had done something, from then on out she felt free to initiate that activity any time after that (and she did). So while I had to set the benchmark, she was more than happy to take control and meet me there any time afterward, which I loved. So, I think a women who takes a little control of the relationship is a great thing. It shows she wants to be doing things, too, that she's not just going along for the ride. I'm all for that.

  • I'm more of the 'sometimes' she should be assertive type guy. It shows personal confidence while still allowing me to do my thing.

    Try it out, I really don't know if I could go for anyone too passive or too aggressive. The grey area is where the money is at.

  • Obviously if it's so one-sided, feelings will get hurt and interest will be lost.

    Both people in a relationship should put in an effort for the other.

  • I like when she's willing to ask me out or make the plans sometimes. It shows me she's putting in the effort to keep the relationship interesting and fun instead of always depending on me to do everything for the both of us.


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