How do I get him to give a sh&!??

My ex and I lived together , he broke up with me 1.5 months ago . He's initiated contact since then , most of the time I ignore him because I don't want to get caught in that ex boyfriend trap . He says things like I miss you, I never realized what was in front of me , I'm so sorry I feel so bad blabla .

Yesterday ( after weeks of him sending me random messages every 4 days) I texted and asked for some of my things back and said he could mail them to me . He said "I wouldn't mind seeing you though?" I said "no not gonna happen, just mail it thanks" he said "you don't want to see me?" I said no and he said "OK..."

Ugh I'm still so in love with him but any time I've gotten emotional or said I missed him during this break up he's ignored it . So my turn to be a bitch! He put me through hell! What do I do? I want him to feel the pain he put me through , but why isn't he more upset or why isn't he texting or calling me wondering what I'm doing ? Where's the passion?he just said OK then got over it ... I want to have him chase me and realize what he's lost :( but I don't know how


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  • Why? This is not the guy for you. Emotions take time to adjust. So give them time. Playing these games is such a waste of time. The only loser out of this is you. Because you'll be right back where you were a few months from now splitting up again, only you'll be a little older, a little less desirable, a little more f***ed up, and with fewer options. Games are for children. Don't get back at him. Stay away from him, block his number, get your sh*t back and take him out of your existence.

    Then you need to understand it'll take a little time for your emotions to heal. So don't go running back. Wait until you don't love him anymore. Encourage hatred - it'll get you there quicker. And date someone else. Give someone else a chance to treat you decent, and be the right guy. That also will help you get over him. No, you don't confess to your new guy that you're in love with your ex still. No, that is so FAIL. You keep seeing the new guy, until you realize, wow, ex was a bitch. I love the new guy.

    Or, keep wasting your time and being a punk ass kid if you want. It'll make a great story later on in live when no one wants to date you cause you're full of bullsh*t.


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  • I honestly think you shouldn't hate him one bit. You should BE HONEST with him on how you feel. It's the foundation of any good relationship. If you want something... tell him


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  • That's immature of you. You're telling him you don't want to see him or contact him and he's respecting that. He's already made it clear to you that he wants to get back with him. If you miss him then just tell him. Playing mind games is for teenagers.

  • OMG bravo! He is chasing and you are doing what you want already

    • Would you call what he's doing chasing though? He texts me every like 4 days even if I ignore him. But hea not really caring or putting an A+ performance like I deserve . How do you think I can get him there ?

    • The fact that he is texting you as many times is chasing especially if he broke up with you. Although it is creepy.

      Yes you deserve A+ performance but still conversing with him or letting him have contact with you isn't the best way to get back at him. Because "I'm still so in love with him but any time I've gotten emotional or said I missed him during this break up..." says that you are going to trap yourself in your own vengence