Overdoing it?

Ok so I hung out with my girlfriend Friday and saturday night. That is not out of the norm. I also hung out with her today because we had a snow day and we also have one tomorrow. I asked her if she wanted to hang out tomorrow and she said no she didn't want to overdo it. And I did feel like I was kinda overdoing it when I asked but I figured may as well ask. So is this overdoing it a problem or is it just nothing?


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  • Just take a step back and relax. All will be fine.

    She probably feels that she is spending a bit too much time with you and just wants some space so that she can have time with her friends or to her self.

    It is nothing to worry about and it is perfectly normal. You have spent quite a bit of time together from what you say.

    Space is important in a relationship, you need to have time to do your own things and time to spend with friends. It also means that you have a chance to miss each other!

    There is no reason why you can not contact each other everyday but just don't spend all of your time together. Just go out and have fun with your friends, join the gym and get a hobby or something to take your mind off things and give you something else to do.


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  • I think its nothing don't sweat it. As long as she doesn't feel a continuous pressure to have to be with you all the time it should be fine


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  • yes, you don't want her to feel smothered or get sick of being around you. Try to make the times you guys hang out something special. Just try to limit the times you guys spend together because if it's too much then you'll become too clingy or just annoy each other. Everyone needs some space no matter how much they like being around each other.