How can I stop myself from trying to hook up with him again?

My ex boyfriend and I have been apart for a few months now but I still want him bad. I haven't been able to get over him like I know I need to because we work in the same office and see each other every day. I'm in love with him and I want to tell him all the time but I know I can't. I'm trying to remind myself that we broke up for a reason and that he wouldn't be good for me but I can't believe myself for very long.

It hurts like hell to say it, but I know he's not in love with me anymore but if I asked him if he wanted to meet up he probably would, and would still want to sleep with me. I know all the reasons why this would be a bad idea but I physically ache for his touch and I get so frustrated that I can't do all the things with him that I used to. I miss him so much and I'm worried that I'm going to lose my self control and ask him to meet up.

Please forgive this question, it probably sounds like a rant, I think I'm almost trying to use writing it as therapy for myself, but have any of you got any techniques that you've used in the past/are using now to try to stop yourself from getting in touch with an ex and getting yourself into a situation which you know will be bad for you? Any and all suggestions are welcome, I need as many as I can get! ha ha ;)

Thanks in advance!


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  • no idea


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  • If your relationship wasn't that bad then why not just go back out with him, if that's what you really want?

    If you really do think he's bad for you but you "physically ache for his touch" why not take your mind off by trying to meet other guys?


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  • idk..