What is she doing here?

There's this girl and we have been texting back and forth. She wants me to come visit her while she's on her 4 month vacation. I'm hesitant because now when were texting she waits like a day to text back or sometimes she won't. What is she doing here? What do you think I should do? I've know her about 5 months now. Before she left we had good conversation and shared laughs together. Also she was hitting me up before she left to go to this party with her because she wanted to say goodbye before she left. I'm just confused on what she is doing here!


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  • It is really hard to understand what type of relationship you have with this girl. Do you like her? If you like her, then go see her. See what happens. If you think she is messing with you, then leave it alone. You could actually just tell her that you like her, but it seems that she is being hot then cold and it makes it hard to want anything with her (or something like that). Good luck.

  • Id say she's playing hard to get.


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