Calling to confirm a date?

I went on a great first date with a guy, and I took the initiative to ask him out of a second date. He sounded pretty enthusiastic about it so we decided we would go bowling. This was three days ago, and we had planned for tonight. He hasn't brought it up since, and our texts have just been random stuff. Should I call to confirm, being the one who asked him on the date? Or if he doesn't contact me, I should just go ahead and make other plans?


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  • I wouldn't mind if the girl called. I am like you. I want to ensure everything is still a go, especially with someone you do not know that well. The fact you've been texting in between should be a good sign.


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  • Well since you had asked him out on a second date it would only make sense if you were the one to follow up on the plans for tonight.

    • do you think calling is a better idea than texting? we haven't known each for too I don't want him to be taken by surprise when I call him

    • Yeah I think calling would be a better idea than texting.